Customer Service has come of age! In today’s world, it can alone catapult an organization to incredible success or remorseful failure. In this new age of connectivity and citizen journalism, meeting expectations is the minimum norm. Successful organizations consider customer experience top priority and implement strategy and training for their staff to ensure guest satisfaction. Providing excellent customer service means delivering a service experience that goes well beyond the expectations of your clients enticing them to return for more.

Your customers are your best bet! Learn how to how to deliver excellence and transform ordinary guests into loyal evangelists.

Participants learn the following core basics of customer experience in our workshops:

-Customer service: benefits of excellence and pitfalls of turning a blind eye
-Who are your customers and what is it that they really want?
-Achieving excellence through positive first impressions and moments of truth-Identifying unhappy customers, handling concerns professionally and efficiently
-Measuring customer service and identifying continuous improvement opportunities
-The role of employees in service excellence (recruitment, training and motivating)
-The importance and building a great attitude
-Effective problem resolution, handling difficult situations and the service recovery process
-Building loyalty through customer relationships
-Tips to creating memorable experiences for your customers!

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