Too many companies try too hard to exceed customer expectations! Establishments centre their efforts on creating the extraordinary, the wow moments and many times fall short of the ordinary. In our digital age, focusing on meeting the basic expectations on a consistent basis is powerful.

Paying attention to the basics such as answering telephone calls in an appropriate time and manner are non negotiable components of a pleasant experience. How many times have you experienced…your call being answered by an automated voice, press ‘0’ wait on the line for a human attendant and when one finally comes on and after narrating your concern you discover you are speaking to the wrong department and need to be transferred to the correct one…and the saga continues!

Don’t let it happen in your organization, because in this age you just can’t afford it! Because when a customer calls with a concern, there is a good possibility that she has tried to self serve and failed. In a sense, the telephone call and effort to speak with a human being is a desperate attempt to seek help! In most cases the customer has already interacted with the company’s website, automated telephone service and is frustrated with an impression already formed!

2 customer service basics that can really turn the tide in your favour:

-The person taking the call must be empowered to resolve the problem. Repeated transfers and making the customer repeat information is a sure way to lose a customer. This individual has to be able to take measures to correct the situation and quickly! The new world customer service is in the ‘Now’!

-The customer could be in a state of despair! Creating an emotional connection, listening and customizing solutions can be far more effective than taking the checklist approach. Personalizing your interaction based on the situation and the individual can have a very positive effect on the outcome. The word ‘Personalized’ has always carried punch, but in our new age it is the 1000 lb gorilla!

The new business climate demands organizations are staffed with well trained attentive, empathetic and empowered staff to interact with customers. Making certain that your website allows people to self serve easily might be the best decision towards proving a pleasant experience for your clients.

By Teg Brar, MSc.