If you are still playing the old customer service card and expecting to win…think again! In today’s age the customer service bar is much higher than what it used to be; the only way to win loyalty is to deliver an experience that exceeds expectations. The guest understands that no one is perfect and things will go wrong at times, however, what the new age guest demands is an honest effort to make corrections quickly. In many cases the guest is demanding this in public (online). If a business is able to resolve the problem to the client satisfaction, then it stands to gain a brand ambassador far more powerful than any ad campaign. However, if a business is not prepared to take responsibility and is sluggish in their half hearted effort, things could go very drastically wrong.
The magic formula undoubtedly is to ensure that every customer is happy. There is no such thing as ‘We can’t please everyone’! The benefits reaped by adopting this customer experience approach will far outweigh the costs incurred.
By Teg Brar, MSc.