Seth Godin in his post ‘The problem with doing it by heart’ describes how he recently visited a noodle shop and clearly requested his noodles without the sauce! And he still gets the noodles with the sauce! The attendant responds ‘that’s the way they always come!’
The culture in some organizations discourages exceptional behavior, as a matter of fact behavior that is consistent and with the standard operating procedures gets rewarded. SOP’s if not introduced properly can themselves become stumbling blocks with employees experiencing ‘learned helplessness’. Everything goes well up until the time an extra ordinary request is received! Then the staff don’t know what to do; they either go to their manager for help or do it their way and the way they have always done it.
A key to providing dazzling service is to train, encourage and motivate staff to veer off the beaten path to please the customer. If staff feels really empowered to take matters into their own hands to make it right for the client, then an organization is on track to provide exceptional service.

Teg Brar