Technology presents a wealth of solutions for hoteliers wishing to wow their guests and get an edge over their competition and it necessarily does not mean a large investment. With a bit of creativity, it has become much easier to engage and build relationships with your guests resulting in loyalty and return visits. I  disagree that technology advancement has sacrificed personal service and on the contrary believe that the tools available today can make it easier for businesses to connect with their customers. With a little bit of creativity your property can compete with hotels with much larger budgets.
Consumers now have the ability to seek out their preferred experiences and with a click can share their own experiences with the entire world through readily accessible social media platforms. For hoteliers this type of connectedness has its pros and cons.

  • What is promised must be delivered. Today’s guest demands transparency. The days of heavily overbooking certain room types, views and expecting guests to accept are over.
  • Reward those that share feedback or complain…because they give you an opportunity to make it right! The others might choose to share their experience with the world.
  • There can be no such thing as an unsatisfied guest; every guest must be satisfied before they leave the property
  • A happy guest is your best marketing tool
  • Build relationships with your guests
  • Treat problems as opportunities for improvement

Hospitality organizations that can build customer centric cultures will benefit greatly in our connected world. Social media amplifies the voice of the customer and satisfied customers are all hotels will need to be successful in the future.

Teg Brar