The famous NY times is starting a new column called ‘Haggler’ with the purpose of making things right for people who have complaints and are disappointed with product or services. These people may have brought these concerns to the attention of the parties in question but failed to reach a satisfactory resolution. New Times with their heavy clout gives organizations another opportunity to win customers over. People can email their consumer complaints to . The Haggler will call the organization in question and get to the bottom of what has happened and hopefully provide a satisfactory solution for the consumer. This is another example of the power of the consumer voice and a clever way for New York Times to use their influence in building customer relationships. A good marketing ploy! Should the hospitality industry expect calls from the Haggler regarding guests that were not happy with their experiences? We’ll just have to wait and see! You can read the promotional article as published in the NY times here.

Teg Brar