A receptive tour operator is a local tour company that specializes in Canadian Tourism experiences and manages products and services for incoming visitors most often booked through international tour operators. Receptive tour operators play an important role in the packaged travel industry.
When a tour operator is planning an itinerary in a market they are unfamiliar with – they seek the expert cooperation of a receptive tour operator.

How they operate…
Receptive tour operators purchase products such as hotel rooms and transportation directly from suppliers and then package them to be sold to the wholesale tour operator who then sells them to the travel agents. In other words, a receptive is a broker of tourism products and packages!

  • A good receptive tour operator holds the key to a unique packaged experience.
  • Knows the market inside out and provides interesting and unique itineraries
  • Has access to a well developed network of resourceful hospitality providers. Carries detailed product information, including high resolution images.
  • Uses trustworthy vendors that pay attention to detail
  • Ability to develop additional packages based on tour operator demand
  • Annually produces a listing of the products and packages and rates
  • Monitors quality and has in depth knowledge of supplier products
  • Provides accounting function for local suppliers for them not to incur currency risks
  • Creates documentation for end user (ex. vouchers) to verify purchase of products such as transportation, hotels, guide service, admissions to attractions, planned meals

Suppliers should contact their Destination Marketing Organizations such as the Convention and Visitor’s bureau to obtain a list of the receptive tour operators in your area. You can also obtain valuable contacts from Receptive Services Association of America www.rsana.com.
By Teg Brar